Your Vote is Your Voice.

Make it count.

-Jeanna Repass

Let’s build a Kansas Democratic Party where we show up for each other.

Together, let’s lead Kansas forward by ensuring that our party is an extension of our state. Let’s create a coalition of people who have felt unheard by either party, including young people, people with disabilities, people of color, people of all faiths or with no religion, people who have lived here since time immemorial along with people who just arrived here, and people from rural communities.

We are a state that is proud of its heritage as a free state that was founded on the principles of equality and justice.

Let’s carry on that legacy by making sure our party is financially solid, and a catalyst for uplifting and supporting the next wave of leaders at all levels, and every corner of the state.

And, as the first Black and Latina woman who will serve in this role, let’s make some herstory along the way!

Our democracy has been through hard times, and we have prevailed. We fought for the right to vote, but we also remained true to the idea of loving our neighbor.

We can do that again.

Join me.

Participating in our democracy is a sacred duty

I look forward to leading our party forward.

Endorse Jeanna Repass today to become the next Chair of the Kansas Democratic Party!

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