My Letter Announcing My Run for

KDP Chair

Hello Fellow Kansas Democrats,

I have had the honor of meeting so many Kansans across our beautiful state. I not only heard your voices but I got to represent your values as I traveled all over Kansas as the Democratic nominee for Secretary of State during the 2022 election cycle. While we fell short in the final count, we won in the goal to promote the importance of voting. “Your Vote Is Your Voice.” Those five words are not just a slogan, but the driving force of our democracy and words that I continue to live by.

As a life-long Democrat, I am committed to the values of freedom, equality, and equity for all people, and I am now asking for your vote as I seek the office of Chair of the Kansas Democratic Party.

Throughout my time on the campaign trail I shared with you that my father was a Vietnam veteran and police officer, and my mother was a civil rights activist turned Lutheran pastor. Like so many Kansans, even though my parents came from different walks of life with different perspectives – the warrior married to the pacifist; the conservative married to the progressive - their love for their country, family and each other was at the core of their being. By their example, they instilled in me a deep love for our great democratic republic and they inspired me to seek a path forward in our politics. A path where we can both fight for the causes we care about, while also taking the time to show our neighbors that we love them.

Where we have disagreement we can have dialogue. Where there is dialogue we can make progress. I will hear all voices – everyone deserves to be heard. As Party Chair, I will seek new opportunities by building bridges with all Kansans, including our steadfast and loyal supporters alongside our younger voters, people with disabilities, people from all and no faiths, people of color, women, working people, including organized labor, and more. I will not promise to agree nor acquiesce to everyone on everything, but I can promise that all Democrats will be represented, heard and respected when I serve as the Chair of the party.

I believe like you all do that the path forward begins with the ending of the vitriol and “other-ism” that has been pervasive in our politics. Kansans are ready to lean forward and move our state and our country in a new and positive direction. I know this because I have seen it first-hand all over Kansas from our largest cities to our smallest counties. With civil discourse, commitment to our shared values and strong leadership, we can do it. On August 2, 2022, Kansas re-asserted itself as the Free State and answered the question: “What’s wrong with Kansas?” – NOTHING! Kansas gets it right!
But the vote on August 2nd was not the end of the journey, it was an inspirational victory on the road that we are traveling toward our more perfect union. I am under no illusions that this journey will be simple, easy or without travail. But I bring to this Chair position a strong background as a fixer and a builder.

My professional years in media, telecommunications and not-for-profit work include building multi-million dollar entities from the ground up – literally from studs to the finishes, creating jobs and exceeding revenue expectations. I also found great satisfaction in being brought into organizations that were failing to meet expectations and turning them around. I know what it takes to not only steer a large ship, but to turn it and energize it so that it can run full steam ahead in the right direction. I am proficient in budgeting, fundraising, sales and marketing and most importantly in building teams where people matter first and foremost. I bring all of that experience with me as I seek to chair our Party.

I will lead our party in a way that supports all of our elected leaders from Governor Kelly & David Toland, to Rep. Sharice Davids, and from our State Senators and House Representatives to our County Commissioners, Mayors, City Council members, and School Board Representatives. I will ensure that those who put themselves forward to serve our communities are supported. All of our party leaders, from precinct captains to county party chairs and Congressional District leaders will have the support of the KDP under my leadership. And to all of our volunteers who are the legs upon which the party stands – I will be the Party Chair who not only supports you, but who also acknowledges you, with the gratitude that you deserve.

Finally, to all Kansans who have stepped up, thrown your name in the hat, and have run for office – ANY office, I want to assure you that you are valued. Your sacrifice, your family’s sacrifices for the cause of democracy – win or lose - are seen, valued and appreciated! Our democracy depends on servant leaders who are willing to step up, step out and represent all of us.

I look forward to you joining me on this journey. After all, as my mother frequently asked me and my siblings, “And if not now, then when and if not you – then who?” Today I offer myself as the who and humbly ask for your vote to become the next Chair of the Kansas Democratic Party.

With gratitude,

Jeanna Repass

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