“If not you, who? If not now, when?”

I will put in the hard work as Secretary of State that’s been lacking for too long and will lead Kansas toward a better tomorrow.

About Me

My mother was a civil rights activist turned Lutheran minister, and my father is a Viet Nam veteran and retired law enforcement officer – they taught me that our freedom is worth fighting for. “In Kansas, we believe in the right to make decisions for ourselves. We believe in American Democracy – one person, one vote. Your vote is your voice, and our voice must be heard. I vow to protect your voice from those that seek to silence it.”

Faith, Family, Football,

and Love for Kansas.

Those are the values I was raised on, and the values that led me to run to be your Secretary of State. We need a leader who can unite Kansans together behind the sacred right to vote, and stand up for voting rights election integrity, and ballot access – because voting is a right worth fighting for.

A born and raised Midwesterner, I have spent my life bringing people together. I live in Overland Park with my husband Kyle where we have raised 3 children. My professional background is as an executive in corporate media and my community leadership background includes directing outreach for one of the largest churches in the country, and as President for 501C-3 PTO’s and Booster Clubs supporting education in community for several years.

Results, not Partisanship.

For too long, those elected to the Kansas Secretary of State’s office have been focused on pushing a partisan agenda. As your next Secretary, I will follow the law, not party platforms. I will increase transparency for the voters of Kansas. I will actively encourage voter participation for all Kansans regardless of party affiliation.

My office will always be learning, always improving how we provide services and information to the people of Kansas. Starting on Day One, I will lean into my business leadership background to start a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis to begin the process of building better working relationships throughout the Secretary of State’s office and with every county in Kansas.

I have been traveling the state of Kansas from North to South, East to West, listening to the voters. It is clear: We cannot allow our elections to be compromised. Voting should be safe, secure, and simple. Recent legislation has made it harder for our elders and those with disabilities: I think a lot about my mother, a civil rights activist, who fought for our right to vote. I want to continue to protect the voices of people like her, as well as others from every walk of life in this state.
We need standardization to ensure every voter in Kansas has their voice heard on Election Day. Voting simplicity does need to result in a lack of security. Election security can go hand in hand with uplifting voter participation and decreasing voter suppression.

We can always do better, and more quickly adapt to changing situations before they become problems.

Knowledge is Power.

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