“If not you, who? If not now, when?”

Let’s write the next chapter of Kansas Democratic Party leadership together.

About Me

“Your Vote Is Your Voice.” Those five words were why I ran for Secretary of State less than one year ago, and are why I am seeking to become the next Chair of the Kansas Democratic Party. After all, as my mother frequently asked me and my siblings, “If not you, who? And if not now, when?

As a woman of faith, I am committed to how my faith continues to guide how I lead with both hope and action. A born and raised Midwesterner, I have spent my life bringing people together. I live in Overland Park with my husband Kyle, where we have raised three amazing children.

Leading with Love

Throughout my time on the campaign trail as well as many times before and after, I have reflected on the meaning of service as my parents instilled in me; after all, my father was a Vietnam veteran and police officer, and my mother was a civil rights activist turned Lutheran pastor. Like so many Kansans, my parents came from different walks of life with different perspectives, but nobody could argue that their love for their country and for their community was anything less than at the core of their being.

I was raised by strong, resourceful, caring, and community-oriented Black women - matriarchs who continue to inspire me to pass on their legacy to my own children as well as to my neighbors.

The wisdom that my own family instilled in me have continued to inspire me to seek a path forward in our politics, where we can both fight for the causes we care about, while also taking the time to show our neighbors that we love them.

A Record of Service and Leadership

As Kansas Democratic Party Chair, I will bring an extensive resume from both private and non-profit leadership.

I spent my career as a broadcast media manager, specializing in radio production for an extensive range of genres, vendors, and listeners. I oversaw multi-million dollar corporate accounts both locally and nationally. During my time in the industry, I was instrumental in growing audiences, especially for communities underrepresented on the airwaves.

My community leadership background includes directing outreach for one of the largest churches in the country, as well as serving as president for numerous Parent-Teacher Organizations and booster clubs.

As candidate for Secretary of State, the first Black and Latina woman to run for a statewide office in Kansas, I traveled from North to South, East to West, listening to voters, volunteers, and community leaders. It is clear that Kansas politics is at a crossroads, and it is time to act with the urgency of now to bring in as many people from as many walks of life to be part of this next chapter.

In May 2014, my daughter Ariel and my mother Johnice joined me in a Your Fellow Americans dinner table conversation about race, immigration, and the American Dream.

What our three generations discussed then is as relevant today as ever.

Knowledge is Power.

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