Be Part of the Movement

Join the growing list of county party, organized labor, community leaders, elected officials, and more who support my HERstory making campaign to become the Kansas Democratic Party’s first Black and Latina party chair.

Endorsed by Elected Democratic Leadership

Thank you to Governor Laura Kelly, Congresswoman Sharice Davids, House Democratic Leader Vic Miller, and Senate Democratic Leader Dinah Sykes for your leadership and for your support!

And thank you so much to the additional elected officials who have thrown your support behind me. Your trust in me truly means

The African American Democratic Caucus of Kansas

“Jeanna is a consensus builder who leads with love, and who shows love through listening with empathy and through her commitment to policies that uplift everyone in our state.”

The joint letter from the African American Democratic Caucus of Kansas is a resounding endorsement of my qualifications and aspirations for this office.

Kansas Young Democrats Endorse

I am thrilled to have the enthusiastic support of the Kansas Young Democrats.

Labor Leadership Endorses Jeanna

“Jeanna has shown a deep understanding of working families’ challenges and has consistently advocated for policies that promote economic justice, fair wages, and safe working conditions. She understands the challenges blue-collar workers in Kansas face.”

The labor movement is the backbone of the Kansas economy and of the KDP. I am committed to furthering the strong relationships between the KDP and our siblings in organized labor.

Sedgwick County Delegates Support Jeanna Repass!

“Jeanna has proven she has a deep understanding of elections and campaigns […] Jeanna will strengthen the Kansas Democratic party by supporting candidates in rural and urban counties, in both state-wide campaigns and local races.”

Thank you so much to my friends in Sedgwick County!

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