Let’s Return Kansas to a Functional Democracy.

Let’s Build a Movement of Future Leaders.

The F.I.V.E.S.

Because Kansas Democrats know that we are at a crossroads, we are ready for change, both in this party and for Kansas as a whole. We are ready for new beginnings and not continuing the old way of doing things.

I am committed to working alongside you all, building from the grassroots up, not making demands from the top down.

F.I.V.E.S.  In addition to the execution of the responsibilities of the Chair of the Kansas Democratic Party – these are the FIVE priorities I commit to focus on with   TRANSPARENCY & OPEN COMMUNICATION  F = Fundraising/Finances  • We will raise money from current and NEW funding sources & we will get the KDP’s Financial  house in order.  I = Issues  • We know that Kansans will vote for issues that relate to their values (Vote NO!) so I will focus  on promoting the issues that represent Kansas Values.  V = Votes/Voting   • Without voting, we can accomplish nothing. I will focus on voter engagement, registration and  GETTING TO THE POLLS on Election Day.  E = Electing Democrats  • We will retain all current Democrats in office & we will elect more Democrats on every level:  School Board, Civic, State & Federal - ALL are important.  S = Support  • Supporting the 3 C’s: Counties, Congressional Districts and Caucuses

Your Vote Is Your Voice.

With so many attacks to our voting rights - from gerrymandering, to questioning the integrity of our elections, to reduced opportunities to vote in our communities, to a deadly insurrection, it is easy to get frustrated and despair about the state of our democracy. And with so many of our basic rights also under threat, including reproductive rights, the right to marry the person we love, our education, and even our environment, it is even more critical that we find a path forward that speaks to what we believe in.

My mother, a former civil rights activist turned Lutheran pastor, raised me to remember that we can never get complacent, and that we must fight for what we care about every day. My father, a Vietnam veteran turned police officer, instilled in me what it means to live a life of service to one’s country and one’s neighbors.

Standing on their shoulders, I will lead with a sense of urgency to meet this moment and in a way that will encourage more Kansans to see themselves as part of the solutions to today’s challenges.

Empowered County Parties and Unions

I’ve heard it from local party leaders throughout this state loud and clear: county parties need the resources and a leader who can find that right balance of trusting their local know-how with support and guidance from the state level.

Organized labor must continue to have a seat at the table, as the KDP must lead in a way that is informed on policies and that support candidates that impact the ways in which working families can participate in an economy that treats them with dignity and respect.

As State Party Chair, I will listen to these incredible volunteers and organizers who are doing the tireless work from the ground up. They are the backbone of everything behind how we empower every voter in every county to show up and vote their conscience.

A financially stronger KDP

The Democratic party relies on the tireless work of volunteers who are willing to put in the work at the doors, on the phones, and hosting those house parties - and that will never change.
And, in order to be an even stronger party, we must have the staffing that shows that we are a force to be reckoned with. To do this, I will continue to build on my consensus-building run for Secretary of State, along with my background in nonprofit fundraising, by continuing to build the infrastructure that can sustain us financially for the long haul.

Grassroots Organizing

I have extensive experience in building relationships based on honesty and authenticity that is needed now more than ever throughout Kansas, as we work to restore trust in our democracy. This focus on listening, building relationships, and following through is what we need more of in order to create better

Ultimately, after so much mistrust and vitriol in politics, my goal is to create a culture of community-based organizing, starting at the leadership of the Kansas Democratic Party.

Additionally, I will be the first Black and Latina person leading the state party. My own background informs the ways in which I care about how we uplift every person in Kansas from every walk of life to participate in our most sacred responsibility: participating in our democracy.  

We deserve to restore trust in our democracy and faith in each other.

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