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Americans of all races and backgrounds have stood side by side in our fight for voting rights for all. Many have bled; some have died in the struggle. We honor those who gave full measure by once again standing together and ensuring that every legal vote matters and every legal vote gets counted.
Ballot Access


We've watched as ballot access has been made more difficult for Americans in recent years. Here in Kansas, we've seen legislation that unconstitutionally disenfranchised over 30,000 Kansans and the reduced funding sources to county election offices. These attacks on elections have made voting harder for thousands of our neighbors.

Jeanna will encourage and help expedite implementation of the "Vote Anywhere" law that allows Kansans to vote at any polling location within their county and will support county election offices in expanding access so that all Kansans have a voice and a vote.

Election Security

At the heart of our democracy are free and fair elections. Jeanna will ensure that this remains true, especially in light of the January 6th hearings where an elected official at the highest level tried to influence Secretaries of State across the country. Jeanna will never succumb to such pressure.

You can trust Jeanna to put people over party and to fight for democracy first when it comes to your vote. 

Corporate Records


The Kansas Secretary of State office is the official repository for corporate filings, including business-creation documents, annual reports, dissolutions, and reorganizations. These records, however, are difficult to access by the companies that depend on them, and the Secretary of State office hasn't shown the transparency Kansas taxpayers deserve.

Jeanna's experience in building radio stations from the ground up and shepherding community organizations through restructuring, informs Jeanna's compassion for business owners across the board. Jeanna will work to streamline the process from incorporation to annual filings.

Campaign Finance and Lobbyist Disclosures

The Secretary of State maintains copies of all submitted campaign finance reports, lobbyist disclosure reports, and records of all contributors to, and expenditures by, political campaigns.  Jeanna will prioritize transparency and modernization of the computer systems where these records are kept. 


Every Kansan has the right to see who is contributing to our elected officials.