Let’s Return Kansas to a Functional Democracy.

Let’s Rebuild Trust and Restore Faith in Ourselves.

Your Vote Is Your Voice.

Voting, the very foundation of our great democracy, is under attack. Kansas deserves a Secretary of State who is not complacent and won’t disable computer functions to hide information from interested parties. As your Secretary of State, I will work every day to increase transparency, to prove how safe and secure our election systems are, and work with county election officials to implement best practices to protect all Kansas voters!

SB 130 – In 2019, the Kansas Legislature overwhelmingly approved a bill that allows for voters to cast ballots on Election Day anywhere in their county of registration. This is standard process for the two weeks of Early Voting across this state, but NOT on Election Day. As your next Secretary of State, I will follow the law, and implement appropriate rules and regulations to allow counties to implement this law safely.

As your next Secretary of State, I will be requesting legislation be introduced on Day 1, to make the General Election Day a state holiday. It is my hope it not only increases voter participation in Kansas but allows all voters to come together and celebrate our democratic process, the way it has been for my family, and as it was when my mother first got to cast her ballot after her work in the civil rights movement. Voting is both sacred and a duty, and it is something that can unite us despite our differences.

Supporting our Economy

As Kansas and the country recover from the devastating global pandemic, more Kansans are looking at starting their own small businesses. However, they face an outdated and unresponsive computer system, making it cumbersome for families to start and update small businesses. West Virginia used a Kansas company to overhaul their website and completed the work in 14 months. Our current Secretary has had 4 years, and now says he needs one more to get the job done. As your next Secretary of State, this will be a priority to assist small business owners across the state.

Our current Secretary of State has been in office for 4 years. Before that he was in the Kansas Legislature for over a decade and chaired the House Elections Committee that rubber stamped the disastrous Kobach “election reform” laws, which cost the taxpayers of Kansas millions in fines and legal expenses. When I am elected, I will only advocate for laws that encourage safe and secure voting for all Kansans. We cannot afford four more years with a Secretary willing to put partisan politics above serving the residents of Kansas.

Loving Our Neighbor, Restoring Trust

Ultimately, after so much mistrust and vitriol in politics, my goal is to create a culture starting at the executive offices where we can love our neighbor again. Both in the corporate and non-profit sectors, I have extensive experience in building relationships based on honesty and authenticity that is needed now more than ever in civil offices throughout Kansas, as we work to restore trust in our democracy.

After all, unlike my opponent, I will not waste taxpayer money on frivolous lawsuits that throw illegitimacy on the election when the officeholder personally dislikes the outcome. Ultimately, after so much mistrust and vitriol in politics, my goal is to create a culture starting at the executive offices where we can love our neighbor again.

Additionally, I will be the first Black and Latina woman elected to statewide office in Kansas. My mother was a civil rights activist turned Lutheran Pastor, and my father is a Vietnam Veteran turned police officer. My own background informs the ways in which I care about how we uplift every person in Kansas from every walk of life. We all deserve the opportunity to be participants in our community without clunky government infrastructure, and our votes deserve to be counted. We deserve to restore trust in our democracy and faith in each other.

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